Maybe that “problem” is actually guidance for your path.

  It took my third time through “Eat, Pray, Love” to pick up on the “big message”.  I read the book once and watched the movie twice before I caught the golden nugget at the end of the story:    begin to look at everything that happens around you as a clue on your path.  That […] Read more »

Strangers help a family avoid foreclosure

Here’s a great story about a family that is “being a blessing”. After watching a news segment on television, they decided to reach out to help another family that they’ve never met. This video is only three minutes long and is well worth your time: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about […] Read more »

Why be solemn when you can be joyous?

  A ha moments often seem to come to us when we’re in an unexpected situation.  When something takes us out of our standard routine and our “going through the motions” approach, it seems that our structured minds are freed up just enough to create an opening for new understanding. That was the case for me when […] Read more »