Childish wanting or guidance?

I recently experienced “inspired action” at its best and discovered that sometimes a want in the form of a strong urge is actually a nudge in the right direction from the Universe.

I wanted a ScanSnap. I just wanted it.  Somehow I knew it was important to my path.  Logically, I knew it would make my life easier and my heart felt lighter as I contemplated how this tool would help me reduce paper clutter in my life — perhaps my biggest pet peeve.  So I thought my strong desire for it was linked to that.

However, days after ordering it, I realized how the Scansnap would bless my work profoundly.  I had already decided that instead of trying to get up to speed with graphic design on the computer, I would allow myself to be more playful about the process.  I decided that I would put some of my favorite Radical Blessings quotes & writings into handwritten graphics.  I would use colored pencils, markers and my own two hands to create playful, inspiring messages.  I would just have to figure out how to then get them web ready.

I planned to research on-line about how to take photographs of my writings and then how to optimize those pictures for display on the internet.   And then it occurred to me that the Scansnap I’ve just ordered is going to do all the heavy lifting for me!  I bought it for the one-button simplicity that will allow me to drop it automatically into Evernote (a fabulous productivity software!)  With a push of a button, I’ll be able to scan my drawings and immediately convert them into a jpeg file.  Just like that!  So I can stay on track with the fun and creating.  And now I know the real reason behind my urgency and “absolutely must have it” mindset.


P.S.  Here’s the first handmade item that I effortlessly converted to a jpeg with help from my fancy new scanner.


The Contagious Celebration

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