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The Journey of the Measuring Spoons

Have you ever had a silly emotional attachment to a physical item?  A recent experience revealed one to me that I didn’t realize I had.  When emptying the dishwasher, I had an undeniable tinge of panic-laced sadness at discovering my beloved set of measuring spoons all melted together.  The interesting thing is that until that […] Read more »

From Foes to Friends

Peace is much better than war. While most of us would wholeheartedly agree with this statement, two former war enemies are living it. The remarkable friendship formed by U.S. Air Force pilot Dale Zelko and Serbian missile operator Zoltan Dani offers an inspiring example of oneness.   Zoltan Dani says, “We found a solution to […] Read more »

People Come Together after Hurricane Sandy

Here’s a glimpse of the caring, creative ways in which people are reaching out to help their neighbors cope in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Read more »