A blessed alternative to resolutions

Happy New Year!

Over the past few years, I’ve dropped the habit of setting New Year’s Resolutions and instead developed a practice that has radically blessed my life.  I’d like to share it with you this New Year’s Day in case it may be of value to you.

I first heard of the concept through Christine Kane’s blog post, “The Resolution Revolution”.  Rather than making an uninspiring list of “shoulds,” Christine decided to instead choose ONE word that would guide her  throughout the year.  That word would become a touchstone and inspire her to take action from the much more effective “BE level” rather than the surface “DO level.”

I can tell you from my own experience that the ritual of adopting just ONE word (ie. theme) to embrace yields profound and unexpected benefits (much more so than any resolution list ever could!)

While a list of resolutions seems to point out everything that’s wrong with us or our lives, one touchstone word feels more like a soothing affirmation.   And if you think that one word won’t cause you to take action, think again.  One simple word may shake things up (in a great, positive way) MUCH MORE than you can imagine.

2013 marks my fourth time selecting a “Word of Year” and I’ve learned firsthand that the years in which I really devote the time to selecting my word of the year and outlining WHY it matters to me are the years in which I reap immense rewards.

So if you’d like to explore this idea for yourself, I suggest that you visit Christine’s site and download her free “Word of the Year Discovery Tool Kit”.  It really makes the process fun and deeply meaningful.

May you know Radical Blessings in 2013 and always.



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