The Top 5 Reasons of the Week Why I Am RADICALLY Blessed


(Disclosure:  I am fully aware that I am blessed in ways much more significant and numerous than what is contained in the list below.  However, these are the blessings in particular which caused me to pause, appreciate and revel over this past week.)


When it was -5 degrees outside at 6:00 a.m., I got to take a 30-second commute to my home office (my 70 degree home office) . . . in my p.j.s!


My 16 year old daughter still likes me.  (Need I say more?)
(Apparently, I DO need to say more because, suddenly,  I have the undeniable urge to clarify and state that I’m not one of those “I just want her to be my friend” type of mothers.  We have a very healthy and very fulfilling mother/daughter relationship.)


I have an astonishingly-comfortable latex bed that RADIATES warmth and is gloriously cozy.  (This is particularly appreciated after stepping away for 20 minutes and coming back to discover that it is STILL warm).


I get pure joy out of coming across delicious word combinations like “a long-laugh filled lunch” and “an inexhaustible affection for substantive conversation.”
(I’m sorry that I don’t know the source of either of these.  If, by some strange twist of fate, the actual writers happen to see this . . . Thank you!  Please get in touch so I can give proper credit.)


I belong to a FANTASTIC book club, full of amazing women who not only enlighten me but often make me laugh so hard I cry.


So how about YOU?  What are the top reasons why YOU are RADICALLY Blessed?  Leave a comment and let us know.  (If 5 seems too daunting to start, then how about just one or two? )

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