Does anyone feel “Enough”?

That’s a big question, isn’t it?

I would imagine that some people have mastered their minds and overcome their small self, but on the whole, I think the large majority of people come from the place of feeling that they are not enough.  I know I do.

More and more, I’m becoming convinced that so many of the world’s “problems” stem from people feeling that they are not enough.   In the saddest, and most dramatic of cases, this sense of feeling “not enough” causes people to lash out in harmful, hateful ways.

But the more pervasive effect seems to be people playing small in their own lives.

Case in point:  Although I am absolutely passionate about the message of Radical Blessings (particularly as it relates to this very topic), I feel hindered by my small self.

It feels yucky and painful, and I’d love to help other people with that.  I’d love to help other people feel relief from that negative voice in their head.

I fervently desire to help others know that they ARE enough.

And yet, in order to do so, I need to find a way to realize that I AM enough.  It seems that I need to face that negative voice in my head EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Whenever I get anywhere close to creating content or developing the Radical Blessings community, that steady chant of “not enough” seems to be lurking.

Sometimes it feels like too much.  Sometimes it feels like it would be so much easier to give up, to settle, to pick something easy, thoughtless.  And yet I know that the voice would still be there waiting for me.  The voice would then just say different things.

Now the voice in my head says, “who do you think you are? . . . what do you have to share? . . . does anyone even care?  . . . will anyone even see it?!” . . . and on and on.

But if I set my sights lower, I’m not convinced the voice would soften its assault.  I think it would just change its content.  It would probably say, “You’re lazy.  Look at you, you’ve given up.  You’ll never do anything.  Look, you’re proving it.”

The underlying message is the same . . . “You’re not enough”.

So this really has me thinking . . .

Does anyone feel ENOUGH?  Can anyone claim that consistently?  Or does everyone have to face that voice?  Perhaps some people have just found a way to coexist with it.


Notice the negative mind chatter, say “thank you for sharing” and go on about your business.

Perhaps that is the deciding factor.  Perhaps everyone has that voice in their head, but some people fixate on it and get stopped while other people simply notice it and move on.

That certainly seems like the healthiest option doesn’t it?

When I can simply notice it and move on, I am able to move into the space of my higher self.   From there, I recognize the truth:


You are enough.





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