The best kind of win.

This story is travelling quickly around the internet, for good reason.  Watch as a high school basketball player chooses to “be a blessing” to a mentally challenged player on an opposing team. Click here to access video. (You may want to have a tissue handy.)   Read more »

Bless Yourself: Let Go of Relentless Shoulds

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What the word “should” really means

  When my children were young, I took a parenting class that proved to be invaluable to me (and to my kids I’m sure). I learned strategies and concepts that influenced not only the way that I parent but the way that I move through life. One of the concepts that really stuck with me […] Read more »

Excerpts from Eckhart (on sensing the divine life essence)

I consider Eckhart Tolle to be my greatest teacher in the subject of awakening to a higher state of consciousness. (He is the best-selling author of “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose”.) Eckhart’s teachings have a profound impact on me, and I regularly return to the pages of […] Read more »

Everything is here to serve us.

  Most of us have probably heard the statement that “everything is here to serve us”. If we’ve all heard it before, then that doesn’t sound like much of an “a ha” moment. But I recently experienced it for myself in a way that makes this concept come alive, and I have been able to […] Read more »

You ARE enough!

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