Everything is here to serve us.


Most of us have probably heard the statement that “everything is here to serve us”.

If we’ve all heard it before, then that doesn’t sound like much of an “a ha” moment.

But I recently experienced it for myself in a way that makes this concept come alive, and I have been able to reframe a challenging situation.

Off and on for the past 10 years or so, I have dealt with tendinitis in my arms. Most of the time, I can stay ahead of it and I can go for months without pain.

Other times though it flares up and really interferes with my day-to-day life, and that is what I have been dealing with lately.

This time around, it seems especially challenging. I have been spending a lot of time on the computer with this website, and I’m sure that is contributing to the situation.  I feel frustrated when I want to continue working playing, and yet I know doing so will cause me increasing levels of pain and limitation.

Admittedly, I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. I have also been exploring ways to overcome it physically, emotionally, and energetically.

I have been more aware of how much time I spend on the computer and more diligent in prioritizing my activities. I have also been looking for alternative ways of being productive.

This prompted me to discover the helpfulness of the microphone in my iPhone5. Rather than using my arms to type, I have been capturing ideas through the microphone.  (I have written this entire post by speaking into the microphone.) Not only will this help me minimize typing so that my arms can heal, but I have noticed countless other benefits as well.

For instance, I can capture ideas much more easily — as soon as they arise.

Also, I can finally follow that age-old writing advice that suggests getting the words out quickly without any type of editing in the initial stages.

I’m such a die-hard typist that I really thought that I had to type in order to my words to flow.  However, I have discovered that I enjoy writing in this way and this temporary fix will
become a regular part of my process.

There is one more aspect of this tendinitis pain showing itself greatly.

It is bringing crystal-clear awareness to all of the ways in which I use and overuse my arms.  It is undeniably obvious to me that I have been doing a bit too much for my teenage children.  It has never been easy for me to ask for help and yet this current situation is making that necessary.  It is time for me to be willing to ask for help so that I can heal and also so that I can be more in balance overall.

Of course, I would prefer to be free of this pain, and I fully intend and trust that will be the case.In the meantime, I bring awareness to this temporary situation and welcome the gifts that it does offer.

I’m grateful for the “a-ha” that enabled me to see how this challenge can be a catalyst to help me move to the next level in my work life and in the balance of my family relationships.



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  1. This website is filled with love and light. I feel blessed to have visited it and absolutely agree—“everything is here to serve us” in our spiritual journey home to our Divine Self. So, when I recently returned to my beloved earthly spiritual home, Unity, and was eagerly approached by a woman who related to my story of back pain and compassionately shared her story, I paid attention. And when the woman shared her story of having to physically stand up for 4 years due to back pain and related it to a lesson in learning how to “stand up” for herself in relationships with others, I really paid attention!! It gets better. And when I discovered that this woman was a writer looking for other inspirational stories, I thought, this is Divine intervention! I, too, have to stand up (or lie down) due to back pain when I sit. I, too, am learning to set limits around myself and to ask for help. I, too, have been called by Spirit to write my story of returning home to my Authentic Divine self, a state of wholeness emotionally, physically, and spiritually. So thank you. Thank you for approaching me. Thank you for being a sojourner, a kindred spirit along my walk in this life.
    I received many miracles that day at Unity all of which I believe were “meant to serve” my spiritual growth and evolution.
    See you in the writer’s group:)

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