The ridiculously fine line between ordinary and blessed experiences

Have you ever noticed how little energy it actually takes to transform an ordinary activity or experience into something that feels blessed?

I have been noticing this myself over the past couple of days.

We are in the midst of a heat wave that is forecasted to last all week. Because it was too hot to cook (and my family was scattered all over New England), I planned to prepare myself a salad for dinner last night. It was a boring and lonely prospect until I got the inspired idea to chop up an entire tomato on my salad and cover it with sunflower seeds, freshly ground pepper and loads of fresh basil. Instantly, my solitary dinner was transformed from an act of mere sustenance into something that felt close to pampering.

I marveled at the difference and the little amount of effort involved to get there. I took notice and then was gifted with a similar experience just hours later that is helping me solidify the insight.

This morning I prepared my usual breakfast of whole grain cereal with fresh fruit. Rather than taking my seat at the dining room table, I took a few extra steps outside onto my deck. Just a thought, just a dozen footsteps. That is all the effort involved and yet everything was wondrously different. Here is the view I had for my breakfast:

Breakfast View

I have to tell you that enjoying my breakfast from that vantage point was glorious. Immersing myself in the environment of lush greenery, dappled sunshine, and fresh air with birds singing and chipmunks scurrying, left me feeling absolutely radically blessed.

These two simple experiences leave me thinking about just how fine the line is between ordinary and blessed. I am awed and excited to realize how much power lies in our own hands when it comes to experiencing a blessed life.

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