Until All that Remains is Soul


I have a desire to strip away everything unwanted, unnecessary or inauthentic until the only thing that remains is truth and soul.

The task seems daunting and monumental even from a sheer physical standpoint.

It seems monumental from a psychological standpoint as well. I know there are things in my life — patterns and habits — that keep me from connecting with my soul. All the ways I hold myself back, all the ways I keep myself busy with distraction.

I want to use the time between now and the silent retreat to strip away as much as possible. It’s as though I want to get bare before I even begin that encounter. It seems like something important could happen to me there if I’m ready. But I won’t be ready if I keep myself hidden within all these layers.

I don’t know what it is that my soul truly wants and, yet, all I truly want is to know and live the will of my soul.

It does seem like a synergistic relationship. The more I chip away everything that is not of soul, the closer I get to soul. At the same time, the more I become quiet and get in touch with soul, the more that everything that is not of soul begins to fall away.

It’s not about getting rid of everything; it’s about getting rid of everything that’s not me. Not just in my physical belongings but in my activities and roles. How radical it would be to approach life from a completely clean slate and fresh perspective — free of other people’s expectations of me and free of my own expectations about myself and my life.

I want to remove all the distortions.

I want to clear my life of all pre-determined agendas and perceived limitations so that I am free to discern and live the messages of my soul.

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  1. Ben Tuttle says:

    Wow….You have some powerful perspectives!! Thank you, Scott Sutton, for sharing…

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