Problem solved . . . instantly!


I feel like a little kid right now who is hopping up-and-down with excitement. (For the record, I’m not hopping up-and-down; I just feel that way.)

And what has me feeling so excited?…Would you believe, an email account?

It sounds strange, I know, and I will explain, but first …

Have you never noticed how long you can cope with something over and over and over again without realizing that there is another alternative?

(Yes, I intentionally used three “overs”.)

Have you ever been in that situation and THEN received the gift of an almost-instant solution?

All of the sudden, there is a workable alternative in front of you. The situation that seemed so annoying, so challenging, and so physically looming is swiftly and surely eliminated.

That’s what happened to me today and that’s why I’m practically bouncing in joy. The experience has left me feeling uplifted, expanded, and excited about other possibilities.

The situation isn’t all that dramatic, but given how things ripple out, the impact is monumental in my life.

Here’s the deal:

Because I work between a laptop and a desktop computer, I no longer use Outlook Express for my e-mail. Instead, I use the webmail feature on Road Runner. This works fine and is certainly functional. It also has the built in consequence of keeping my inbox relatively lean. Although that could be beneficial, it seems that lately I’m being constantly bombarded with warnings about my usage being too high. It has become a weekly occurrence to have to weed through my emails to get the storage level back down to an acceptable range.

For some unknown reason, today I was struck by the fabulous idea that perhaps I could forward these emails into my Gmail account! (I know what you’re thinking …I could just use a Gmail account.  However, I have had this email address for years and don’t want to go through the effort of changing everything. And besides, I think I’m attached.)

Anyway, within 10 minutes of receiving this insight, I had my new system up and running. One idea, 10 minutes’ implementation time and a major hassle has been eliminated from my life!

It’s not just about the time involved; it’s about the mental energy and having this annoyance repeatedly and relentlessly looming over me. Even more important, though, is that the task of managing the inbox is very arm-intensive and would trigger tendinitis pain. That pain would limit my activities and negatively impact my life. (You can see the domino effect.)

By eliminating that repetitive arm-intensive activity, I have now freed myself up to focus on things that matter to me more.

In the end, it was so easy and I can’t help but think of how many solution-based alternatives are awaiting me in other areas of my life!

How about you? Have you ever been blessed by having a sudden and sure solution to something that you’d been struggling with?

I’d love to hear about it.

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