I’m Christine Sutton and I invite you to . . . welcome Radical Blessings into your life.

I hesitate to even attempt to describe Radical Blessings because I don’t want words to diminish it.  In the act of defining something, we limit it.  If Radical Blessings is anything at all, it’s limitless.

Of course, I need to tell you something though, don’t I?

So here’s a tiniest glimpse of what Radical Blessings means to me:

When you finally show up in your life as you — freely, completely, unapologetically you.  The real you — not the one that’s been buried beneath and bogged down by expectations, obligations, limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and so on.

Not the illusion of you (with its identities, roles, and perceptions of lack and separation), but the true, inherently good, inherently worthy, powerful-beyond-measure, divine you.

When you live from the illusion of you, life is a mess . . . or in the best case, a mere shadow of what is truly possible.

When you live from the true you, EVERYTHING changes.

Radical Blessings is Your Birthright.  Your Destiny.  And the Inevitable Outcome of Being in your True, Divine Power.

It’s about allowing blessings to flow TO you and THROUGH you.  It’s about allowing Life itself to flow to you and through you, unhindered.

We are so quick to gather evidence to support our conclusions that we are somehow faulty, that we’re “not enough” and are basically powerless against life’s circumstances.  We think that greatness and abundant blessings are possible for OTHER people but that we are ourselves are uniquely cut off from that.  We believe that somehow we are incapable and unworthy of receiving great blessings.

My intention with this website is to gather evidence of the TRUTH:

That we are more than enough.

That we are already worthy.

That we are more powerful than we can even begin to imagine.

That Life is here to support us.

That Radical Blessings abound RIGHT NOW.

The more we open ourselves to see that and celebrate that, the more we can welcome and receive it in our everyday lives.  And as we do so, we open the pathway for everyone else to do the same.

Are you ready to join in and support this cause?  Because this isn’t a one person show.  Even though I will be sharing my own experiences and insights as inspired, my primary purpose with Radical Blessings is to facilitate and relish in a collective conversation.

I say “relish” because this isn’t work for me.  It’s absolute play.

I love to look for, experience, and reflect on a-ha moments, synchronicities, and possibilities.  I love to engage in conversations with other people about the BIG things in life.

Just to be clear though, I don’t have all of this figured out.  Like everyone else, I have many of those moments when I fall to the false beliefs that somehow “I am not made for” blessings and greatness.  Even though I know to my core that EVERYONE is made for blessings and greatness, I still sometimes manage to leave myself out of that mix.

So I’m on this journey right along with you and together I believe we can lift each other up.  Together we can immerse ourselves in these ideas until we can allow ourselves –and everyone else –to be literally immersed in Radical Blessings!

Will you help me gather evidence? Even if you can’t quite believe it for yourself, can you help me present the evidence to help other people believe it?  Can you visit often and bring your stories of Radical Blessings?  Anytime you see the universe working on your behalf, anytime you have something to feel grateful for, anytime you get the gift of an “a ha moment” – a new way of seeing yourself and the world . . . can you bless all of us by sharing it?

You can send me your stories by e-mail here.

(By the way, they don’t need to be just your stories . . . anytime you see someone else BEING a blessing and stepping into the truth of who they really are, we’d love to hear about it.)

Here are other ways you can get involved and become an ambassador of Radical Blessings:

Engage in the conversation.   Comment on the blog posts and on the stories of blessings.

Join us on Facebook.

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Share this site.  (dig, stumple upon, twitter, facebook, pinterest and all that good stuff)

And finally, live in the possibilities . . . be in the space of Radical Blessings in your own life.

With joy and appreciation,

Christine Sutton

Christine Sutton,  Ambassador of Radical Blessings