Fearing Life’s Changes? Here’s an Antidote.

  Instead of fearing life’s changes, why not move gently in their direction? Those words came to me recently in an “a-ha” moment of clarity.  I’m grateful for the insight and the resulting sense of empowerment. I needed it! You see, I have been dreading and fearing the end of my mothering role. Of course, […] Read more »

Don’t listen to songs you don’t like

  I had an illuminating conversation with my 19-year-old son.   I playfully asked him why it is that the songs that get stuck in our heads are usually the songs that we don’t like.  I was surprised to hear him say that that has never happened to him. Then he said something quite profound: “I […] Read more »

Everything is here to serve us.

  Most of us have probably heard the statement that “everything is here to serve us”. If we’ve all heard it before, then that doesn’t sound like much of an “a ha” moment. But I recently experienced it for myself in a way that makes this concept come alive, and I have been able to […] Read more »

The Journey of the Measuring Spoons

Have you ever had a silly emotional attachment to a physical item?  A recent experience revealed one to me that I didn’t realize I had.  When emptying the dishwasher, I had an undeniable tinge of panic-laced sadness at discovering my beloved set of measuring spoons all melted together.  The interesting thing is that until that […] Read more »

Why be solemn when you can be joyous?

  A ha moments often seem to come to us when we’re in an unexpected situation.  When something takes us out of our standard routine and our “going through the motions” approach, it seems that our structured minds are freed up just enough to create an opening for new understanding. That was the case for me when […] Read more »