Share Your Stories

You matter.

You are a gift and a contribution to this world.

You may not realize it yet.  You may not be ready to believe it.  But it’s true.

My intention with this website is to help you see that.  My intention is to help you and everyone else (myself included) recognize, honor and express the gift that we ALREADY are.

I believe that the best place for us to start is to share our stories.

In reading about other people’s blessings, we can remember our own.

In hearing about other people’s “a ha moments”, we invite our own.

In seeing the goodness of others, we recognize our own.

In receiving and appreciating the sharing of others, we can come to know that we ourselves have something to share.  We can come to know that we bless our lives, and our world, when we share WHO WE ARE.

So I invite you to visit here often and bring your stories of Radical Blessings.

Anytime you see the universe working on your behalf, anytime you have something to feel grateful for, anytime you get the gift of an “a ha moment” . . .  PLEASE bless us all by sharing it.

For starters, I have four basic categories of stories:

Thank You, More Please
(Whenever you have something to be grateful for, you can share it with us in list form or story form.  By the way, we say “Thank You, More Please” to acknowledge that we appreciate the blessings that we’re receiving AND that we’re willing to receive those blessings and even more.)

A ha Moments

(When you’re blessed with an insight that offers a new way of seeing yourself and the world, please share so that we may grow as well.)

Being the Blessing

(Anytime you see someone else BEING a blessing and stepping into the truth of who they really are, we’d love it hear about it.)

Universe At Play

(This one’s up for interpretation and you may want to develop the habit of “positive interpretation” of the workings of your life, because I have found that blessings of this sort are often quirky in nature.   When things seem to be going wrong, it often turns out to be “assistance for my path”.  So anytime you can see the universe working on your behalf – even if it seems a little messy or “undesirable” at first glance, please share.)

In these categories, I realize there’s some overlap for sure.  For instance, I’ve found that my Universe at Play moments often lead to A ha Moments.  And of course I’m grateful for both so I may think of them with a “Thank You, More Please” mindset.  Please don’t get hung up on trying to fit a story into a specific category.  Pick a category that feels right to you and just go from there.

Simply send me your story by e-mail and put your category in the subject line.

Thank you for sharing your stories.  Thank you for sharing yourself.  Together, I believe we can lift each other up.  Together we can immerse ourselves in these ideas until we can allow ourselves –and everyone else –to be literally immersed in Radical Blessings!