The ridiculously fine line between ordinary and blessed experiences

Have you ever noticed how little energy it actually takes to transform an ordinary activity or experience into something that feels blessed?I have been noticing this myself over the past couple of days.We are in the midst of a heat wave that is forecasted to last all week. Because it was too hot to cook […] Read more »

Excerpts from Eckhart (on sensing the divine life essence)

I consider Eckhart Tolle to be my greatest teacher in the subject of awakening to a higher state of consciousness. (He is the best-selling author of “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose”.) Eckhart’s teachings have a profound impact on me, and I regularly return to the pages of […] Read more »

Feeling Like a Kid on Christmas Morning

I felt blessed for so many reasons during this recent holiday season, but one moment in particular really stands out. My nephew was back home for his first Christmas in four years after serving in the Marines.  Not only were we thrilled to have him home safe with us after two tours in Afghanistan, we […] Read more »

A blessed alternative to resolutions

Happy New Year! Over the past few years, I’ve dropped the habit of setting New Year’s Resolutions and instead developed a practice that has radically blessed my life.  I’d like to share it with you this New Year’s Day in case it may be of value to you. I first heard of the concept through […] Read more »

Glow: an anthem for Radical Blessings

I love Donovan Frankenreiter’s song, Glow. To me, it feels like an anthem for Radical Blessings. I like to think of it as a personal invitation and a request to allow ourselves to shine brightly. This version of the video is particularly uplifting. It was created with over 2000 still images courtesy of Brian Bielmann. […] Read more »

Life is . . . [insert adjective here]

It occurs to me that the answer to that question can vary greatly from day to day and even from moment to moment. From a limited perspective, it may seem that life IS stressful or beautiful or whatever adjective we may choose for our answer of the day. However, I think it’s more accurate to […] Read more »